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Computer virus


Responza provides a full suite of security solutions, including firewall management, network security, and anti-virus and spyware protection for your small business

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PROBLEM: A hacker breaks into your web server and steals valuable files from your database.

BUSINESS IMPACT: The security of your company has been breached, and the cost of lost data extends far beyond dollars. Will your customers leave you? Will you be able to attract future business? How can you be sure this won’t happen again?

Why should you trust Responza to protect your systems? Check out this video from Sophos, our partner for all things anti-virus, to find out why.

How Responza Can Help

“One of the biggest advantages of our managed services is just knowing that our systems are constantly monitored and updated. I’ve got plenty to do supporting our 150 users, and it makes my work a lot less stressful knowing that our servers are always up to date and protected.”
- Larry Taylor, System Administrator at Garver Engineers

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